GGA Learning Partnership

Our Thinking


 Establish a state-of-art educational and community-service epicenter. Designed with the purpose of helping people become the best versions of themselves and serve as change agents in Oakland, the bay area and their respective communities! 

Our Purpose


 Our plan includes strategic partnerships that position our campus in a way that allows us to serve the community in a variety of practical ways beyond a school. Providing E-Learning courses and support services, including self-care, mental wellness, and Social & Emotional Leadership

Desired Outcome


 Become a beacon of light for the Oakland community. We want to model what we see as truly Christ-like (Christian) behavior: Showing love and compassion regardless, and sharing our resources in a way that equips people to help themselves and others. 

Community Engagement

Peer abuse (bullying behavior) is identified as a national emergency by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Clemson University’s Olweus© Program is the world’s leader in mitigating peer abuse in schools.  We are certified to deliver Olweus© programs to public, faith-based, charter, and private schools. 

NOTE: We refer schools with 1,000+ students to our colleagues in Clemson, SC. 

Leadership Development

Leaders are developed – intentionally.  However, culture is created both accidentally and by design.  This development opportunity provides specific frameworks, benchmarks, and support for leaders in organizations with under 100 employees, or academic campuses with under 500 students.  The program is endorsed by La Sierra University’s Center for Conflict Resolution.  The instructors are certified through Clemson University’s Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life. 

Technical Thinking Camps

Technical Thinking Camp is the next step forward in project-based learning (PBL).  Agile methodologies are the thinking process that creates apps for phones, solutions for power grids and solves complex non-technical issues for hospitals, banks, and grocery stores.  These one-week and three-week camps teach the agile/scrum framework.  Participant designed initiatives allow them to demonstrate concept attainment.  



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