Early on

In 1923, eight constituent churches comprised of Alameda SDA, Oakland Central, Market St., Berkeley, Fruitvale, Laguna St., Richmond, and Tabernacle SDA came together to select GGA’s location on Alcatraz and King St. in Berkeley and work towards the establishment of the school. It began with 56 academy students and four rooms of elementary students, led by Principal A.C. Nelson. In 1945, the school board voted to sell the old school and began construction on our current fifteen-acre site in 1948. GGA educated a great many students before its doors were closed in 2007. Golden Gate Academy (GGA) has a long history of building character, inspiring service, and pursuing excellence in young people.

Golden Gate Academy has many traditions that ground the collective campus experience. Whether learning to fix cars in our mechanics shop, studying under the tutelage of gifted teachers, competing with other schools on the basketball court, or enjoying worship in chapel, GGA has a rich tradition of building strong, lasting relationships. It is a place where music was treasured, and groups like the GGA choir and the Goldenaires thrived. Generations of students at GGA were blessed by the tradition of friends that become family; all in a place where love for God is the center of campus life. 


Since its closing, the gap between high school graduates and college readiness has declined, but the gap between college/ post-college graduates and workforce readiness has increased significantly. Traditional education as we know it is failing. There is an ever-present need to repurpose education in its entirety and Adventist education if done properly is best suited to fulfill that need.