Phase 1

Education Beyond School

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics, the independent worker is the fastest-growing categorized professional. By 2020, 65 million Americans will belong to this category, making up 40 percent of the workforce. These workers are the parents of our potential students and are in need of help and training in self-care, parenting, mental health, etc. Help in all of these areas can be found in Adventist principles and resources. Developing courses and programs that equip our parents and others is a pathway to sustainability for our vision. 

Legacy & Leadership

Legacy is determined by the choices we make in life now. There should not be an age placed on leadership. We believe it is more important to learn the skills required to accomplish something than it is to learn about how something is done. We want a space that supports growing our community with the professional development they need.

Mult-phase Project

We will start with our proposed learning space but are currently seeking donors for our plan that includes affordable housing and a community center.

We Invite You to Get Involved

Gifts You Can Make

CashReal Estate
Stock and Appreciated AssetsCharitable Gifts and Annuities
Life InsuranceWills and Bequests
Personal PropertyCorporate Sponsorship


Naming the Community Center$1,000,000
Naming the Athletic Center$500,000
Naming the Auditorium$250,000
Naming the Fabrication Lab$200,000
Naming the Maker-Space$100,000
Naming a Training Center$25,000

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.


Student Sponsorship

This extraordinary opportunity for support of our under-served diverse population is now available for individuals and organizations. Individuals can take this opportunity to provide a complete adjustment in circumstances for someone. Businesses can show their advocacy, engagement, and unwavering support for a healthy community environment by investing directly in the lives of children, young adults, and families in the bay area.

Entire Cohort$150,000
10 Students$100,000
5 Students$50,000
3 Students$30,000
1 Student$10,000

Professional Certification Sponsorship

Two Cohorts$100,000
30 Students$75,000
10 Students$25,000
7 Students$15,000
5 Students$10,000

Donations are what makes our school model possible for protected populations