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21 Century Learning

P21’s Frameworks for 21st Century Learning were developed with input from teachers, education experts, and business leaders to define and illustrate the skills and knowledge students need to succeed in work and life, as well as the support systems necessary for 21st-century learning outcomes. They have been used by thousands of educators and hundreds of schools in the U.S. and abroad to put 21st-century skills at the center of learning. 

Agile Education

 At its core, Agile is all about innovation. It’s about dealing with uncertainty through incremental work delivered by self-organized and motivated teams, that are capable to adapt and respond to change. In today’s fast-paced and growing digital economies, navigating through uncertainty is essential to survive. “[Agile] permits firms”, writes Steve Denning in Forbes, “to flourish in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous” 

Social & Emotional Learning

Systemic SEL is promoted across multiple contexts every day. SEL is more than just a program or lesson. It is about how teaching and learning happens, as well as what you teach and where you learn. CASEL’s widely used framework identifies five core competencies that when prioritized across settings – districts, schools, classrooms, families, and the wider community – can educate hearts, inspire minds, and help students navigate the world more effectively. 

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