Education is bigger than the classroom


First Tuesday of Every Month

Reorganization Committee Meeting

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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First Tuesday of Every Month

Reorganization Committee Meeting

Open to any member of a partner church upon request. Please email: to submit your request.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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The Five Pillars of GGA



We don't have to agree, but we must be agreeable in our dealings with one another. We want every person who engages with us to experience the love of Christ through our willingness to partner with organizations of varying beliefs. 



Golden Gate Academy provides development in our eight essential competencies. We focus on making education broader than school and strive to create agency with all of our stakeholders, and the families they represent. As individuals develop agency, they are then able to impact their community. 



Golden Gate Academy believes that leaders are developed through challenges and support, but they must take ownership of each decision made. Words matter just as much as actions, and our footprint in this community must be monitored and considered when working to accomplish our vision of making the world a better place to live. 



We believe that learning is the work of a lifetime and school is just one of the places it happens. Golden Gate Academy implements a schedule that values differences and strives to support developing learners in such a way that they can bring their gifts to fruition while, at the same time, learn to cope with their challenges. 



Golden Gate Academy instills in its students a commitment to serve and actively support outreach efforts of our constituent churches, identifying ongoing service opportunities within the broader community it helps.



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